Things to know about me

1. My dream is to be a journalist

2. I have a 100 things to do before I die list

3. Ice cream makes me feel better

4. Rain relaxes me

5. Wearing heels makes me feel pretty

6. Starbucks coffee + friends + talk = hobby

7. Wants to meet Thomas Fieldman, Bob Woodward, Condolezza Rice, Christiane                              Amanpour, Jim Leher, and Jon Stewart

For my journalistic works check out ^—-^

About me:

A) University of Hawaii at Manoa Fall’07~Spring’10

Degree: BA Journalism, Flagship Korean, Political Science

B) Study abroad experience:

SoonChunHyang University Asan, Korea Spring ’08

Korea University Fall ’10~Spring’11

C) Special Skills?

Able to Read, Write, and speak Korean at an academically proficient level

Able to Read,Write, and speak Japanese at an intermediate level

D) Goals

Be a foreign correspondent at a news organization

To be able to be academically proficient in French and Japanese as well